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Wachovia Misdirects Customer Information

Wachovia said that, overall, 86 statements or tax forms were mistakenly sent to Pirozzi, including information on 73 individuals. Pirozzi said the number of pieces of mail was significantly higher, closer to 140.

Pirozzi tried desperately to get the problem fixed once the first batch arrived last spring, but he says that no one at the bank or at a local title company that helped establish the accounts took action on his repeated calls. It was only in the past few weeks, after Pirozzi began receiving strangers’ tax forms and after inquiries from a Washington Post reporter, that both companies began to investigate.

From the Washington Post. Use Bugmenot, or read what seems to be the same article syndicated to MSNBC. Oh, Truste tells us that:

The Most Trusted Company for Privacy Award examined internal programs and focused on the effective and innovative privacy policies actually being used and applied in each company’s business…Ranked among the top ten by the panel of judges were AOL … and Wachovia.