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Langley, British Columbia, Canada, 1,000 medical records, courier firm

There are calls for tougher guidelines in the handling of private information after 1,000 medical files went missing when a courier car was stolen in Langley on Thursday.
The courier company says the driver left the car running for less than a minute.
When the car was stolen, so was a box of health records of patients from Langley, Aldergrove and Surrey. The files were later found dumped near a recycling bin in Surrey.

“It is an offence to leave a vehicle running unattended and the driver may face charges for that. The investigator is looking at that and he may follow up with that and charge this driver with an insecure vehicle,” says RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Diane Blain.

[Darrell Evans of the B.C. Freedom of Information and Privacy Association] calls the possibility of charges “over the top.”

Thanks, Darrell! Way to look out for our rights!

(From the CBC, “Medical records stolen in Langley.”)