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Bin Laden Tape

Walid Phares summarizes the new Bin Laden tape at “New Bin Laden Tape: Ten Main Points,” and analyzes it in “Bin Laden’s ‘State of the Jihad’ Speech:”

One more time Al Jazeera pomotes an Usama Bin Laden speech. After airing portions of the Bin Laden audiotape al Jazeera posted large fragments of the “speech” on its web site. This was the longest version possible we were able to have access to. After careful reading, my assessment of the “piece” got reinforced: This is not just another audiotape or videotape of a renegade in some cave. Regardless of who is the speaker and his whereabouts, the 30 minutes long read statement is a declaration, probably as important as the February 1998 declaration of war against America, the Crusaders and their allies.

Phares is an insightful analyst, and if he says this is as important as the 1998 declaration of war…well, read his “Bin Laden’s ‘State of the Jihad’ Speech.”