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These women and a good many others, both frequent and occasional travelers, say they are furious about recent changes in airport security that have increased both the number and the intensity of pat-downs at the nation’s 450 commercial airports. And they are not keeping quiet.

Most of the women interviewed said they did not make formal complaints, most saying that they assumed it would be futile to do so. Ms. Maurer said she and some other women she had spoken to are wary of complaining in writing, both because of the presumed futility and from fear of being singled out when they travel in the future.

When does the intrusiveness end? The TSA has claimed unending power to change the law, to intrude on our lives as it sees fit, in the name of security. One thing I can say is that complaining in writing has not impacted the frequency, nor the competence, of the searches that I’m subjected to. Complaining at the site sure does bring out the brownshirts, though.

(From “Many Women Say Airport Pat-Downs are a humiliation”,” in the New York Times.)

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