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Small Bits of Liberty

  • Rebecca MacKinnon’s “Response to Scoble” is worth reading in its entirety. I have just one small comment:

    In justifying Microsoft’s filtering of politically sensitive Chinese words on MSN spaces, Microsoft’s uber-blogger Robert Scoble writes: “I have ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS forcing the Chinese into a position they don’t believe in.” He continues…

    Except Scoble Microsoft is in fact doing exactly that: forcing some Chinese into a position they don’t believe in. That’s the position of having their words censored if they try to use Microsoft’s service. You can’t please everyone here, and Microsoft has chosen who they will please.

  • I feel strangely compelled to link to, but not read, the EFF’s “EFF Legal Guide for Bloggers.”
  • Gary Leff of Flyertalk is frightened by societal monitoring by air marshalls.