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Wilcox Memorial Hospital (Kauai), 120,000 SSNs+ Medical Records, misplaced computer disk

Last month, Wilcox Memorial Hospital in Kauai had to inform 120,000 past and present patients that their private information had been misplaced. Their names, addresses, Social Security numbers, even medical record numbers had been placed on one of those tiny USB flash drives — and now, according to a letter sent home, the drive was missing.

From “Help! I left my identity in the backseat of a taxi,” by Bob Sullivan. Bob has done a fantastic job of covering these stories since he broke the Choicepoint story on Feb 14th (“Database giant gives access to fake firms“), and caused me to have both a breaches and a Choicepoint category. But I’d missed that he’d set up a blog, at The Red Tape Chronicles.)

Thanks to Bryan Fordham for the pointers.