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Adopt a Chinese Blog

To help folks in places like China blog, there’s the obvious problems of protecting their privacy against the local authorities. But often, the audience that a blogger seeks is not the international, but the local. A blogger in China should be able to write in Chinese and share their thoughts with the people around them. And they ought to be able to do so without fear. But once they’ve blogged, they’re often blocked, either by their blog being taken offline if it’s within reach of the government, or by a firewall, blocking access to the site.

Its those second problems, of what to do once the blog entry is posted, that the Adopt a Chinese Blog project aims to address. Please take a look, and help out. T-Salon writes:

The Chinese bloggers are in need of help to keep their blogs running in midst of a tightening environment on internet publishing. You know, you can help simply by spreading the word out and/or by participating (i.e. hosting a blog on your server) through the adopt a chinese blog project.

“Since April 2005, when the law on non-profit website registration became effective, website owners are required to submit their real personal information when they register their websites. The annual registration process as well as hefty penalty for failure in compliance have angered many website owners that use an independent virtual server and domain names.

Therefore, many bloggers in mainland China began to consider moving their blogs outside of China. But because of language barrier, financial, payment and other issues, the cost of moving is rather high and the situation is not optimistic.

It is based on the belief of free speech that we started the Adopt a Chinese blog project. We hope that we and others on the internet who shared the same belief, can share resources and help bloggers who want to freely express themselves and find a safer space for blogging, so that they can continue to blog without worries.”

4 comments on "Adopt a Chinese Blog"

  • Andrea says:

    Adam, I just want to say thanks for helping to get the word out.

  • Hesh says:

    How do I host? I got the link in my site. Is that good enough? I just dont understand how this thing works..

  • Deja Vu

    The tiny Gulf Kingdom of Bahrain was meant to be an example of democracy and freedom in the Middle East. Instead it seems to be inspired a totalitarian communist monolith.

  • Andrea says:

    My apologies for the rather unclear instructions.
    Once you include the technorati tag on your website, using the special html code provided on the Adopt-A-Blog project homepage, the next time when Technorati crawls your website, it would know from the code / tag that you are interested in “adopt a blog”. It will then list your website under page. Bloggers looking for a host can use Technorati to see a list of hosts / bloggers available. It is up to the blogger to contact the host.
    Anyway, any comments on how we can improve the process or even the written instructions are welcome.
    By the way, what kind of hosting can you provide? E.g. Does your website support php, cgi?

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