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ThreatChaos Podcast Featuring Emergent Chaos

This week marks the first installment of a series of podcasts I am producing called “Meet The Security Bloggers”. I asked Adam Shostack and Chris Walsh to be the guinea pigs for the first one and it turned out really well. These guys write for EmergentChaos, a blog that Adam started. When he got it to a certain point of maturity he decided to open it up to a few other bloggers and it became “The Emergent Chaos Jazz Combo of the Blogosphere”. Adam is now a security guru for Microsoft which we will try not to hold against him, after all it is a good sign that Microsoft is bringing on such great talent. Chris is a security practitioner in Chicago.

Thanks to Richard Stiennon for having us as the first installment of his podcast, “Meet the Security Bloggers.”

If we were really hip, we’d mash up our blogs and have EmergingThreatChaos^2.0 with a sexy rounded sans serif logo, and a place for you to sign up for our exclusive beta.

Hmmm…Hey Rich! Wanna come guest blog for a bit?

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