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My Blogging Will Be Light


I’m on the road this week, here and there, with here being, well, illustrated and there being Seattle, at Microsoft’s Blue Hat event. Some things that I’m hoping to find some time to write about include:

  • Person to Person Finance” at the Economist (paywall) is fascinating, and I think there’s a fascinating question of if personalizing finance will increase re-payment rates.
  • There’s a petition at United Nuclear over the government’s clamping down on learning chemistry. That’s ok, I don’t mind if in the future all chemists are Indian or Chinese, it distracts them from competing with me in information security.
  • Niels Ferguson comments on “Back Door Nonsense” regarding the idea that Microsoft will be putting back-doors into NGSCB, now known as System Integrity, with their own new team blog.
  • Finally, the West Point Combatting Terrorism Center has an long report on “Harmony and Disharmony: Exploiting Al-Qa’ida’s Organizational Vulnerabilities.” I have a draft post entitled “The Emerging Field of War and Economics,” which I hope to share soon. (Via William Lind.)

One comment on "My Blogging Will Be Light"

  • Good. I’ll have a chance to catch up on some of your writings. Lately, the tempo of the Jazz Ensemble is closer to Speed Metal in output.
    Not complaining, just happy to get a break in my REQUIRED READINGS.

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