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500th Post

In the 195 days since I started this blog, I’ve posted 499 times: This is the 500th. I’d planned, when I started, for about one long post a day. It hasn’t always worked that way. I’m posting slightly more than 2.5 posts a day. I’m think I’m now getting more comments than I post, but don’t have an easy way to graph that to check.

I would like to hear from readers: Is there stuff that you’d like to hear more about? Is there stuff that bores you? (Shoot, Choicepoint is starting to bore me, but I think its useful to roundup what’s being said. I will try to post more non-Choicepoint stuff over the next few days.)

Are the small bits useful at all? Do you mind posts that come from BoingBoing or Slashdot? I try to avoid those unless I have an analysis that I think is interesting, figuring that if you care, you’ll see it there.

4 comments on "500th Post"

  • Cypherpunk says:

    Congratulations on sticking with your blogging. I enjoy it very much.
    I like the posts on security, privacy, crypto and financial issues, although I agree that ChoicePoint is getting old. I also enjoy the BB and /. commentary, especially BB as they don’t allow comments any more and this gives us a place to respond.

  • na says:

    “Stay the course, Neddy, you’re doing fine!” I.e., no complaints. I don’t read /. or BB, and I appreciate not having to (because you filter them into useful info).
    But, wait! Why is it that “Name and email address are required.”?!

  • adam says:

    Ironic, isn’t it? I’ve lazily left the defaults in place.

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