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FedEx and Resiliency

There’s some fascinating tidbits about how Federal Express plans for the unforseen in a New York Times story, “Have Recessions Absolutely, Positively Become Less Painful?” I wonder what (if anything) information security could take away from this sort of approach?

It had been a busy day for Georgia businesses, and FedEx’s regular nightly flights from Atlanta to the company’s Memphis hub were overbooked with packages. So the local crew made a call to a sprawling, low-slung room here at headquarters, where people hunch over computer screens showing weather maps and flight plans, and asked for help from the five empty FedEx jets that roam over the United States every night.

Besides Las Vegas, the flying spares leave from Duluth, Minn.; Laredo, Tex.; Fort Myers, Fla.; and Portland, Me. All take circuitous paths to Memphis, passing near major cities like Dallas, Denver and St. Louis.

On a typical night, one of the five makes an unexpected stop to collect an overflow of packages, one lands to bail out a plane needing a repair, and three arrive in Memphis as empty as they were when they took off.

Via Marginal Revolution.