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I Could Kill You With These Nose Hair Clippers!

Like I said, I do like rules, rules that make sense. But this is a form of institutional insanity, and someone needs to do an intervention. When a soldier in full uniform, in the company of nothing but other soldiers, is allowed to retain the bayonet for his M-16 and his M-16, yet has to give up his nose hair clippers, we’ve moved into the realm of scenarios that even the writers of Saturday Night Live would reject as way too lame.

Says the Daily Whim in “Drop Those Nose Hair Clippers, Soldier!,” quoting the Atlanta Journal Constitution, via Halfcat.

A note for the Daily Whim’s commentators: TSA employees routinely violate their own rules, and I’ve had them say to me, “If you want to speak to a supervisor, you’re going to miss your flight.”