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Cool Mac Utility

That said: my home directory is now encrypted which should make any further hardware maintenance a doddle (no more erase/flood before mailing) and I’ve blown-away the old UFS partition which although useful was tying up a few too many Gb. Alas the rebuild doesn’t seem to have fixed the lack-of-sleep-on-lid-closure problem. One more for Applecare.

(From Crypticide)

Reminds me that I’ve been meaning to mention Sleepwatcher, a tiny GPL daemon that allows you to script actions on sleep and wakeup.

For example, I have this in a ~/.sleep file: #!/bin/sh
/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/

That invokes the fast user switching login screen, so when my mac goes to sleep (I close the case), I need to login, but when I walk away, I don’t have to. Fits my security model pretty well.

PS: Doddle?
PS2: Note the passwords stored in swap issue Matt Johnston discovered in June, and I complained about in August, and as far as I know, remains unfixed. (And sorry to Matt for misspelling his name in my complaint.)

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