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Choicepoint Roundup (1 March)

  • KnobBoy, demonstrating that the new media can do research, points out that Choicepoint execs didn’t trade like that before.
  • In an AP Interview, Choicepoint CEO “Smith said he believes his company is as much a victim in the episode as the roughly 145,000 Americans whose personal information may have been viewed by criminals.”
  • The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department is denying that they asked Choicepoint to delay notification. Closes with a good quote on exernalities from Bruce Schneier.
  • The San Francisco Chronicle outlines an effective way to not care about ID theft in “A truly poor solution…
  • I should mention: I have no desire to do these roundups alone. If you’re saying something unique about Choicepoint, or have a hate-filled rant, please, point it out via email or a comment, or even a trackback.
  • Finally, today’s Two Minutes of Snark comes to you via Wizbang.

[All my Choicepoint posts are now linked to from “Emergent Chaos Choicepoint Posts.]