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How to Blog for Your Company

Here at SiteAdvisor, we strongly believe in the importance of this feature. But we admit that so far we’ve done a mediocre job explaining our motivation and our initial implementation.

So writes Chris Dixon in “The Role of Affiliates in Spyware, Adware, and Spam.” Chris is using the Siteadvisor blog as an extended discussion of what the company is doing and why. It seems to me that their blog is targeted at security professionals and enthusiasts, rather than customers. Their prospective customers aren’t going to sit around and read that for weeks and weeks. However, there’s a whole class of influencers, people who might say “Why don’t you try this?” I think the combined “Here’s what the problem is, here’s how we think about the problem, and here’s what we’ve built to address it” nails what those influencers want to read.

So go read it. My only critique is their screen shots. The detail is too hard to read.