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Cakeeater on Tiananmen

CakeEater has a beautiful post on the man in front of the tanks:

Then the tank tried to get around him. And he moved in concert with it, shifting to stay directly in its path. I remember being stunned when this happened. I remember saying, “Holy Shit!” to no one in particular in the family room of the house I grew up in as I watched. I remember that his body language gave off an air of agitation and annoyance, like he was long-suffering father after a long day of work who’d simply had enough of his kids roughhousing and was going to put an end to it so he could have some peace and quiet. He looked like he was chewing the tank out.

The tank dodged again, and again he dodged with it. Then he did the most breathtaking thing that completely outdid everything else he’d done that day: he climbed up on the tank and started chatting with the driver. After a few long moments, he climbed down, and onlookers pulled him to safety.

Go read it.

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