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Choicepoint Roundup for Today (Feb 26)

  • Chris Walsh has a really good comment on yesterday’s roundup.
  • HCS asks, was Choicepoint going to be the data provider for the new national ID card?
  • Ed Bott finds that birds of a feather flock together: A company that falsely claimed that ICSA labs had certified their tool has an SSL certificate issued by everyone’s favorite vendor.
  • David Lazurus comments on the “We’re a victim” stance Choicepoint is taking. (Via Dan Gillmor.)
  • Greg Palast has discovered who charged New York $12m to identify DNA fragments of the WTC victims. (Via Logical Voice.)
  • The Altanta Journal Constitution reports that Georgia’s attorney general has issued an ultimatium to Choicepoint. In a separate article, they report that Experian is seeing an uptick in paid subscribers to their credit monitoring service. Gosh, it must be nice to sell both bricks and windows. (Use Bugmenot for a login.)
  • Chapell has some thoughts on long term impacts.
  • and finally, today’s Two Minutes Hate are brought to you by … Vocal Minority.

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  • Bank of America to draw heat from ChoicePoint

    ChoicePoint (Roundups from Adam: today, 25th, 24th) is to receive help from Bank of America, which has just revealed that “a small number of computer data tapes were lost during shipment to a backup data center. The missing tapes contained…

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