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Iraqis Target Forigners

Omar writes about

A group of Iraqi citizens in Al Karkh/ Khidr Al Yas arrested 6 Syrian terrorists after placing a land mine at the gate of Bab Al Mu’a dam bridge from Al Karkh side.

According to New Sabah newspaper, after a road side bomb exploded missing an American convoy that was patrolling in the area, a group of citizens who happened to be there noticed a bunch of young men who looked foreigners (turned out to be Syrians) that were gathering near the place and that looked suspicious. The citizens found their atittude very suspicious and they were not from the area, so they jumped on them and kicked them until some of them started to bleed and then turned them on to the American forces. Eyewitnesses said that the citizens were shouting “Terrorists. You are targeting our children and families. You are killing our youths”

I guess at least some Iraqis really don’t like imperialists coming in and using their country as a proving ground for their theories of how the world should be. Incidentally, there seem to be a fair number of Iraqi bloggers out there, representing points of view that I don’t see covered. Go find a bunch at random and read them.
PS: I make no claim that they’re representative. And one or two might even be a fraud. But is that any worse than say, CBS?