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Choicepoint, March 27-28

  • EPIC has obtained documents which…

    … reveal that Choicepoint proposed the sale of detailed personal information to the Bureau for law enforcement purposes. The documents show an extraordinary range of data sources, including e-mail registration, cookies, spyware, employment screening reports, motor vehicle records, drug screening results, professional licensing, Social Security Numbers, wireless phones records, and calling card data. One memo also discussed the availability of information on Europeans, Latin Americans, Asians, and Africans.

    (Via McGeek)
    Choicepoint, meanwhile denies that this is against the law, but not that the offer was on the table.

  • Hank Asher, founder of Database Technologies (involved in the Florida voting scandal) and later Seisent, makers of MATRIX, has settled five lawsuits with various companies, including Choicepoint, according to this mysterious press release. Some lists of motions are online. (Thanks N!) South Florida Business Journal has an article:

    “A big part of why I settled the case is it would take three, four, five years to litigate,” Asher said. “I don’t know how much will be left of them [ChoicePoint].”

  • Former Wal-Mart director Thomas Coughlin, who has resigned after improprieties, remains in charge of Choicepoint’s Audit committee, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

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