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ACM Computer & Communications Security

Industry and Government Track of CCS ’05 is now accepting submissions:

The track aims to foster tighter interplay between the demands of real-world security systems and the efforts of the research community. Audience members would like to learn about pressing security vulnerabilities and deficiencies in existing products and Internet-facing systems, and how these should motivate and shape research programs. Presentation of crisply framed, open technical problems and discussion of innovative solutions to real-world problems will be especially valuable. Also of interest are: Practical and broadly informative experience with the security aspects of large-scale systems, reports on the scope and content of sponsored research programs in information security, and government or commercial requirements for future systems.

“Our hope is that the emphasis of the track on oral presentation will appeal to security practitioners who may not regularly submit to academic conferences.”

As a member of the program committee, I will work hard to push for submissions that present the demands of real-world security.