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Kerik for DHS?

The New York Times is reporting that Bernard Kerik, formerly of the NYPD, has been tapped for homeland security secretary.

[Update: VikingZen has an alternate suggestion that shouldn’t be missed!],br>
[Update 2: Declan has found a more relevant set of links than I did. Thanks to Secondary Screening.]

2 comments on "Kerik for DHS?"

  • sasha says:

    He’s stocky, therefore he must be good at “security”. Kinda reminds me of those rediculous adverts in rags like Information Security Magazine which show some stocky guy with dark sunglassess standing with his arms folded. That != security.

  • Viking Zen says:

    Hey Adam-
    Thanks for the plug! Always nice to see that my Photoshopping “skills” are appreciated…Am enjoying your blog, too!
    Take care-

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