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In Honor of the New Wiretap Law

I’ve been too busy with travel to Blackhat, WOOT and Metricon to really cover the new wiretap law, or the very encouraging results of de-certifying electronic voting machines. I hope to be less buried soon.

In the meanwhile,


Photo is “Dan Perjovschi´s installation at the Moma, NYC” by Tibau1.

2 comments on "In Honor of the New Wiretap Law"

  • Remember that it was the Democrats who wanted electronic voting machines after Gore tried to steal the 2000 election. Yes, Gore did attempt to steal it by requesting recounts only in areas favorable to him — some votes were counted by hand up to 5 times. On every recount, Gore still lost. And the Supreme Court did not hand Bush the election. The Supreme Court ruled 7 to 2 to stop Gore’s baloney. What, you say it was a 5 to 4 decision? Nope, 7 justices agreed that Gore couldn’t keep recounting until he “won.” However, 2 of the justices just disagreed with the other 5 on the remedy for Gore’s antics, and 5 agreed on the remedy so they wrote the majority opinion. Just want to make sure that you concentrate on facts and not left-wing mythology.
    As for the wiretap law, the government cannot tap calls within the US without court approval. The new wiretap law only allows taps when at least one of the parties is outside the US and is suspected of having terrorist ties. That’s it. Read the law and verify for yourself what it says before you start blurting out the standard Bush-is-Hitler whines from the hand-wringing liberals.
    Also note that over the past week several Democrats have expressed their concern that the surge is succeeding. They would rather the US lose the war rather than allowing Bush to succeed. Everything is politics to the Democrats.

  • Adam says:

    Your characterization of the new law is inaccurate. It does not say one of the parties is outside the US, it says “is reasonably believed to be.” What reasonable people can convince themselves to believe, outside of judicial review, is remarkable.
    [I edited my own comment for clarity.)

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