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Fake ID Markets

Social Security cards run about $20, green cards about $70 and a California driver’s license between $60 and $250.

The price jumps up for higher-quality documents, such as IDs with magnetic strips containing real information — often from victims of identity theft.

“You name it, they can make it,” said Los Angeles Deputy City Atty. Arturo Martinez, who specializes in fraudulent document cases.

From “Fake ID Trade Makes a Name for Itself” in the LA Times. Shockingly, supply seems to grow to meet a demand. Someone should study that.

3 comments on "Fake ID Markets"

  • Nikita says:

    green cards about $70
    Damn, and here I was paying $10K+ a year of non-resident tuition for nothing. (Well, I guess it helps that it was Other People’s Money.)

  • Jared says:

    You can also easily get a fake ID online at some place like
    There are also tons of places in big cities.

  • Eloise says:

    There are also tons of places in big cities…
    What about Montreal?

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