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Secret Laws, Obnoxious Laws … No Law's Not Looking So Bad

First, from 27B/6, we learn that “Supremes Won’t Hear Secret Law Challenge,” and that the administrative agencies such as TSA are free to propogate laws and regulations we can’t see or challenge.

Second, via Kansas City Newzine, we learn about the totally screwed up set of rules which are ‘REAL ID,’ featuring this chilling quote:

Still, even lawmakers who voted for the new ID bill said they will consider tweaking it when the Legislature goes back into session in January. “We need to sit down and make sure that we’re not blocking services to those entitled to them and that we’re protecting our freedom to live under an efficient and effective government,” Colorado state Rep. Bernie Buescher (D) told

Got that comrade? You’re free to live under an efficient and effective government whose powers trump any rights it chooses not to take from you. And if you don’t like it, move to friggin’ Russia!

Finally, The New York Times reports “Islamists Out, Somalia Tries to Rise From Chaos:”

“After nearly two decades of anarchy,” said Abdi Artan Adan, a retired diplomat in Kismayo, “people just don’t want to be ruled.”

Go figure.