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London and Terror Threats

The BBC reports that the Mayor of London says “there had been 10 attempted attacks since 11 September 2001, two of which had come since the 7 July bombs.” (“Threat to London ‘disorganised’“) Where are the perpetrators? Are they free, because of insufficient evidence? Are they in jail? Were they killed by security forces? Claims such as these matter, and need to be backed by evidence.

Also in the BBC, a long article regarding security in mass transit, “The unlikely enemy of the terrorist:”

…public transport is much harder to protect. There were nearly one billion journeys made last year on the UK’s network, which has 2,500 mainline railway stations and one of the biggest underground systems in the world.

The design is a triumph of convenience, so passengers hop on and off buses, Tubes and suburban trains without the check-in desk or long queues familiar to air travellers. And the stations are built to ease the passage of millions of people each day, with open spaces and multiple entries.