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Twitter Updates from Adam, 2011-10-28

  • RT @dgwbirch I'm sure talks will be fun, but am looking forward to playing the new version of "Privacy" the card game #
  • I accidentally clicked allow Firefox to share my location. Where the hell is the undo and why isn't it in privacy preferences? #
  • ("Location" doesn't bring up anything in help) #
  • Of course. You navigate back to the untrusted page, select tools, page info, go to the security tab, and unselect it. How discoverable. #
  • RT @bobblakley RT @jaysonstreet How Steve Jobs drove without license plates < wonderful! << thanks @Joncallas #
  • RT @rcalo The ACLU of Northern California is hiring a policy program assistant. #job #
  • Machinewerk #lessexcitingbandnames #

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