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President Bush Calls for National ID Card

[Bush] also proposed to cut back on potential fraud by creating an identification card system for foreign workers that would include digitized fingerprints. He said that a tamperproof identification card for workers would “leave employers with no excuse” for violating the law.

Of course, that means the rest of us will need the cards, too, because otherwise the immigrant just says “I’m American.” Such an ID card will lead to more corruption of public officials, more ID theft, and no less immigration. See the national ID category archives, or my talk from BlackHat 2003, “Identity and Economics: Terrorism and Privacy.” (Or PDF or Powerpoint.)

The quote is from “Bush straddles the border, trying middle road on immigration,” Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

2 comments on "President Bush Calls for National ID Card"

  • If only it were like the good old days, when all the so-called “guest workers” in the southern US were easily identifiable on sight. Also, the economic system for integrating these guest workers was much more efficient.

  • danny killion says:

    I do not wont Id cards for US citisens , YOU people need to close all borders and remove all all people that is here illeagaly. stop letting outsiders in. YOU must know who is coming and going in and out of our country. thank you at this time.

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