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Choicepoint, April 9-12

  • The Daily Caveat tells us that “Choicepoint Changes Access to Personal Data, and Research News has more.

    No word on what level of audits Choicepoint will be doing. It sounds like there will be a pulldown menu or checkboxes for “allowable uses,” perhaps causing people to think for a bit, then get used to selecting one. Annoying to legitimate users, no impact on actual bad guys. Sounds like the perfect security theatre measure.

  • Michael Geist writes about the impact of a number of recent issues, including Choicepoint, in a column for the Toronto Star:

    The B.C. judge affirmed the importance attached to privacy protection but allowed the outsourcing arrangements largely because of a series of significant new protections introduced by Maximus in response to the public outcry.  These included a $35 million penalty for breach of confidentiality, extensive provisions to ensure that the data remained in the province, and a contractual term prohibiting disclosure of the data.

  • Delaware Online profiles victim Art Sullivan:

    “They gave me some tools to use so I can do this, I guess, for the rest of my life,” Sullivan said. “It’s almost become a part-time job for me.”

  • Secondary Screening ties it all together:

    LexisNexis is sick of all the press ChoicePoint is getting and decided yesterday to one-up its competitor.

    After all, no publicity is bad publicity

My choicepoint category archive includes extensive coverage of the most recent Choicepoint ID theft issue.