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CEOBlogger on "IT Propaganda"

There’s a new blog, from a fellow claiming to be the CEO of a public company, experimenting with blogging. Welcome! In his second post, he responds to the WikID Thoughts, Emergent Chaos, Financial Crypto series on IT breaches, calling it an example of “IT Propaganda.”

I love the ‘IT propaganda’ phrase–one of the themes that I touch on a lot is that security spending is overrated. In this particular case, I think CEOBlogger is incorrect to claim that the . Loeb and Gordon are UMD business professors who are trying hard to answer the question of ‘how much should a business spend on security?’ and their answers tend to be lower than IT guys think. But I can see why their work would get lumped in with the IT propagandists.

And welcome to all the Carnival of the Capitalist readers. Take a moment to look around!

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  • My kids' Dad says:

    Fortune and fun

    Welcome CEO Blogger! He claims to be an anonymous CEO from a small publicly traded company. Found his link at Emergent Chaos and it looks like his blog will offer some much needed perspective. February 7 Fortune Magazine has some

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