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Good Folks Looking for Help

A group that wants to assist free speech in authoritarian nations is looking for a technically savvy person — a CTO or lead engineer type — who can do a short term study, possibly leading to a longer-term job. This is a paying gig for the right person.

The project is intended, in its intitial form, to make possible blogging that is impossible (or at least extremely difficult) to trace. One of the people involved calls it an “anonymous, anti-tyranny blogging service.”

(Via Dan Gillmor.)

3 comments on "Good Folks Looking for Help"

  • Have they already seen, which takes submissions via the mixmaster network of anonymous remailers? Did it have limitations that worry them?
    It does have the drawback that the user needs client software, which would let the secret police know that the user was doing *something* anonymous. Also, being found in posession of the private key that goes with a particular blog’s public key would be proof of authorship.
    Then there’s always Usenet…

  • alt-ctrl-del says:

    Helping Bloggers in Authoritarian Regimes

    This seems like a good idea: Setting up a blog that cannot be traced to the posters. This can help the spread of blogging in authoritarian regimes where it is now proibited and tracked.
    If you know of someone who can function as a CTO or lead engi…

  • No one says:

    Invisiblog is interesting, but thinly implemented. It had the right idea: public key anonymous emails, but it was more of a proof of concept. It had no editing, not even delete. Ease of use was an issue too. It’s hard enough to get people to figure out PGP, but now you want them to use mixmaster?
    What it needs is a fully thought out system, with an *extremely* simple program. Invisiblog showed it can work, now we need someone to fully realize it.

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