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Choicepoint, March 19

  • Not In Chicago Anymore comments on Handling of Credit Related Information, and some of the possible repercussions of new law.
  • Ryan Singel at Secondary Screening points out in “Popcorn, popcorn” that (Choicepoint Vice President) McGuffey testified under oath that he told (CPS President) Doug Curling about the investigation in November, which would mean that Curling knew about the issue as he sold his company’s stock. I don’t know enough securities law to know if he should or could have stopped selling based on that non-public information, if he got it after he filed the plan.
  • Jim Horning points to a USACM public policy blog post in “Momentum Turns Toward Privacy Protection.”
  • According to research firm Financial Insights, 6% of respondents to their survey had switched banks in an attempt to reduce their risk of being a victim of ID Theft. Reported in Information Week.

    I must admit, I’ve considered doing this, but it’s such a pain to find a bank that keeps everything on paper these days.

  • Westlaw will constrain some access to social security numbers, according to lots of stories, including Cnet.

    Pundits predict the imminent collapse of civilization, and a doubling of mortgage interest rates as US businesses fail to adapt.

  • Your PI News hopes that backsplash from Choicepoint’s errors won’t crush the PI industry in “Public Thoughts on Privacy.”
  • Random Fate has a long post on accountability, the growth of bad laws, and incidentally, Choicepoint, entitled “For whose benefit is the law and the government?
  • Finally, today’s Two Minutes Hate comes to you from The Samuel Taylor Coleridge Foundation blog, in “You’re Only A Commodity…

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