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One more request for help

If someone could suggest a specific way to make the blog title image work to bring you to the home page, that’d be most appreciated.

Update, I think I fixed most of it.

Thanks in particular to commenter “M”, who got me on the path to the fix, removing the inline CSS that the theme put in place via a php function (huh?). Thanks also to @optiqal, @pogowasright, @bwittorf and @37point2 for looking at the issue and offering helpful suggestions.

2 comments on "One more request for help"

  • M says:

    Hey Adam.

    I found your WP template so I think I can give you some more specific direction this time.

    You’ve got two issues in your code. The first is that you’re displaying your header as a div background. That’s okay, unless you want to link it (it’s also not the most accessible thing). The second issue is that the stuff inside the div is hidden.

    Here’s what I would suggest:

    Find the edits you made to the CSS on the page. It looks like you’ve got some CSS loading inline with the page, rather than through the stylesheet.css file. You should be able to remove those lines entirely. The CSS should take care of that bit.

    If I’m reading the code right, your header should work fine after that. If not, you’ll want to edit stylesheet.css directly, rather than overriding it with inline code.

    In the editor, in stylesheet.css (which it looks like you’ve found by now),

  • M says:

    Oops, please ignore the last line. Edit error.

    Also, it looks like the image in the img tag for your header is missing. Once you strip out the inline CSS you’ll need to check and make sure that image is on the server (I think the settings for the theme should have something for that).

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