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The Gavle Goat is Getting Ready to Burn!

The Telegraph reports that the Gavle Goat for 2012 is up, and surrounded by guards, cameras, flame retardants, and arsonists.

Emergent Chaos has reporters on the ground internet, ready to report on this holiday story of a town, a goat, and an international conspiracy of drunken arsonists. Stay tuned!

This years goat is shown in its pre-fire state. Note the pre-positioned fire extinguishers surrounding it, along with what one might describe as an altogether insufficient fence.
Gavle Goat 2012

[Update: It turns out that the goat is blogging this year. Mixed English and Swedish.]

4 comments on "The Gavle Goat is Getting Ready to Burn!"

  • Alun Jones says:

    Notice also that, rather responsibly, the goat is surrounded by a rather large empty space, so that if (perish the thought) anything did manage to set it on fire, nothing else would be caught in the conflagration. Sometimes the best thing to do with a known target is to put it somewhere that collateral damage is limited.

  • John Kerr says:

    Hence the proliferation of nuclear weapons on Scotland’s Gare Loch –

  • Chris says:

    There may be an international conspiracy, but this year the goat has Texas on its side. This will make the incipient conflagration all the awesomer :^)

  • Bonnie says:

    Beautiful pre-fire photo of the lovely goat – I wish the webcam were from this angle.

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