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How Much Goodwill is 17,000 Letters Worth?

The Seattle Post Intelligencer reports that “ChoicePoint warns consumers about fraud:”

ChoicePoint Inc., the company that disclosed earlier this year that thieves had accessed its massive database of consumer information, said Tuesday in a regulatory filing it has sent out another 17,000 notices to people telling them they may be victims of fraud.

The story comes from the company’s latest 10-Q filing, which also lists an increase in “goodwill” from $824 million to $908 million. (Thus the title, which is courtesy of Rob.) Close watchers of the company might be interested in the “10. Goodwill and Intangible Assets” section, which explains that the newfound goodwill is a result of various acquisitions, and also puts some value on “Purchased data files.” Also of interest in any modern Choicepoint SEC filing is the “legal proceedings” section.