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Small Bits of Chaos: Continuity, Texas, Stealth Bomber

  • Todd Seavey has a well-written and entertaining long article on continuity in long series. I’ll leave the continuity error as an exercise for readers.

    In fact, so many necessary plot details of Episode III are already known that the ticket-selling site already has a lengthy summary of the film on its site, as if it had already come out and we all knew with encyclopedic certainty what it would contain. And indeed, barring a final, complete mental breakdown on Lucas’s part, we are reasonably assured that the film will not simply be a tangential, three-hour-long musical about Chewbacca (perversely, one can’t help thinking that it would still make hundreds of millions of dollars even if it were)

  • A new law in Texas (SB 99, signed May 20th) “>forbids denial of credit to ID theft victims. Its not clear if you can be charged an excessively high rate; I suspect the bankers will have a field day evading this one.

    And to play devil’s advocate, once your ID has been stolen, are you more likely to have it stolen again? Do you even want people extending credit that you’re going to have to clean up? The current credit system is broken; we need a serious re-think.

  • In the darn, they’re good, category, Google Maps maps a stealth bomber. (Isn’t that impossible?) Via Outer-Court