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Five Things You Don't Know About Me

Dear Bob,

You may think I’ve been ignoring your post, but I’ve been trying to decide how to approach it. This morning, courtesy of Scoble, I found Hugh McLead’s post on the subject:

  • I dislike you intensely.
  • I love it when bad things happen to you.
  • When your name is mentioned I immediately try to change the subject.
  • I wouldn’t read your blog if you paid me.
  • If we were trapped on a desert island together I would kill myself.

And finally, I often quote Bob Blakely as saying privacy is the right to lie and get away with it.

I anti-tag the Matasano Five to exempt them from the meme: Dave, Dino, Jeremy, Tom and Window, you have a ‘get out of blogging free’ card.

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