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4 comments on "Mermaids!"

  • David Brodbeck says:

    Video here:
    Pretty cool stuff.

  • rob sama says:

    Like that Southpark episode where Kyle’s dad becomes a dolphin.

  • jilly lane says:

    I think it is cool that someone would do this for someone , and it is neat that this person gets to fulfill a fantasy through their affliction. I have always loved mermaids and felt like one myself in the water. My best friend and I always played we were mermaids as kids,and my daughter and I did too. It is nice to see a happy thing come out of misery. God bless them both.

  • Chris says:

    Wow. I saw this post and figured “effects shop” meant computer graphics shop, like they had footage of her swimming and added in the mermaid tail. Now that I read the link, I see I vastly underestimated this story. How freaking cool.

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