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Three Privacy Breaches

DMV hopes to reassure clients about security.”

The DMV on Wednesday will send out letters describing the incident and new driver’s licenses with different numbers to the 8,738 people whose personal information was stored on the stolen computer, said Kevin Malone, spokesman for the DMV.

Audit: State voter system left information vulnerable:”

The state elections and technology departments agreed that the systems were vulnerable, but they told the Office of the Auditor General they are not aware of any time information in the Digital Driver’s License System and the Qualified Voter File was compromised.

“We identified numerous and, in some cases, very significant vulnerabilities in the configuration of the QVF operating system and database that preclude management from preventing or detecting unauthorized access,” auditors said in their report.

and finally: INTERNATIONAL STUDENT FILES: UNLV server accessed:

University of Nevada, Las Vegas computer analysts were conducting a routine security check on network activity when they found a hacker accessing the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System, also known as SEVIS.

The two things that all of these stories have in common is that last year they’d have been swept under the rug, and that they all involve government computer systems being breached.

(All courtesy of Internet Security News.)