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Dear Canon

Dear Canon,

Why do you make it harder for me to download the software for my camera than to download a brochure? Is it because I’m stuck and have already bought your camera? Do you hope I’ll forget this experience? Because I can’t figure out how to make either of my web browsers suck enough to follow your demands to pop up new windows using javascript and all.

So allow me to offer some advice. Links on the web? They should be of the form <a href="destination">.... Is that so hard? They don’t need to popup new windows. If I want them to popup windows, then I’d use command-click.

[Update: If I allow Javascript, popups, and third-party images and cookies, I still can’t find the actual software, just updaters. I’m supposed to hold on to those CDs?]

2 comments on "Dear Canon"

  • DM says:

    What? Software? It’s a Mac. It just works…. 🙂

  • adam says:

    When I got the camera, there was a CD with some stuff to take advantage of camera features, like stitching panoramic photos together. (Which I’ve never used.) I thought there were drivers, too.

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