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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-06

  • RT @netik You program in Rails? Check out Brakeman from our security team & make your code safer. (go @presidentbeef!) #
  • RT @KimZetter Equipment Maker Caught Installing Backdoor Vows to Fix After Public Pressure – #
  • Pro tip: "Blackhat talks get lots of publicity" is not a reason *your* submission will make a great BH talk" #
  • RT @mattblaze "It is a rare foray by Facebook into social engineering…" << Not rare at all; eg privacy, timeline. #
  • . @mattblaze maybe they meant it was rare for Facebook's social engineering to be for the public good? #
  • RT @jeremiahg #sansappsec panelist from ADP says the Elevation of Priviledge card game has proved remarkably engaging w/ DEVs & found bugs #
  • RT @Wh1t3Rabbit Just recorded another episode of Down the Rabbithole, this one with @adamshostack on "New School Security" – what a blast. #
  • RT @bccla: Cuts 2 CSIS watchdog actually close the office completely; no more oversight 4 Canada's spy agency: #cdnpoli #
  • RT @jatiki Anyone got source for a printed version of EOP card game My printer will not do less than 108 sets #
  • Added some rough costs to "Please Kickstarter Elevation of Privilege" #
  • RT @BlackHatHQ First round of #BlackHat speaker selections has been released! #
  • RT @tqbf We are in year ~32 of "security managed by folks who think strategically, don't break things". How's that going for us? #
  • Call me when he's done something dastardly, like painted the space needle orange, or stolen a bridge. (h/t @normative) #
  • RT @jayjacobs We've started a new blog series called "Ask the Data", first post is on Log Analysis: << yay, data! #
  • RT @rsingel The story behind the feds seizing a hip-hop site at RIAA behest for a year << Very sad abuse of power #
  • New blog: "More than 90% of Americans Take Action on Privacy" #
  • May the fourth be with you! I'm spending Star Wars Day on my AusCert talk, "This Technological Terror: Security Lessons from Lord Vader" #
  • New blog: More than 90% of Americans take action on privacy #
  • We have a hard enough time writing secure code without needing to code in back doors. #
  • Listening to Rhythms Del Mundo cover Bohemian Rhapsody in Spanish and wondering why language classes don't use more music. #
  • RT @dakami Everyone's been hacked. Now what? << Now we talk about it, learn from each others mistakes (cc @KimZetter) #
  • RT @dakami there is evidence that we're not wired to trust evidence. << Yeah, but I don't trust it. (Sorry, couldn't resist. 🙂 #
  • RT @csoghoian Facebook ad revenue by region. The company violates American users' privacy for just $9.51/ year. Sad #

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