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Renaming the blog to Emergent Chaos (I)

In 2007, Artist Kristin Sue Lucas went before a judge to get a name change to…Kristin Sue Lucas. She’s put together a show called “Refresh” and one called “Before and After.” My favorite part is where the judge wrestles with the question “what happens when you change a thing to itself:”

JR: And I don’t mind the time. I just don’t know that I have the
legal authority to change your name when it’s not a change. The
code sections talk about changing. Can I give you an order that
doesn’t change your name at all? That keeps your name the same? Is
that the same as granting a name change? And I think not. And I’m
going to do this, I’m going to continue this matter for two
weeks… and try to think about these issues in this time…

Via guerrilla-innovation.

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