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Choicepoint Roundup, March 8

Today’s roundup takes a different turn with more about privacy-invasive infrastructures. Also, previous scammer gets 5½ years, and Choicepoint appoints a new officer to deal with compliance and credentials.

  • Deep in the Heart of … France discusses the move to hosted applications, and ties in Choicepoint as an example of the new security issues, like avoiding linkage. I’m not sure if he’s right, but its an interesting question.
  • Mike Rankin talks about moving data offshore, where the victims can’t regulate it.
  • Humanities Research + Technology covers a Daniel Solove talk.
  • Adedayo Benson, the previous Nigerian scammer, was sentenced to 5½ years in prison, according to this USA Today story.
  • Choicepoint has appointed Carol DiBattiste, a former prosecutor with a long and distinguished record of government service to be the company’s Chief Credentialing, Compliance and Privacy Officer.

    Choicepoint fails to get that this isn’t about credentials or compliance, its about their playing fast and loose with personal information about American citizens. I’m sure Ms. DiBattiste will do great at her first two duties. However, as a longtime civil servant who’s used to having her life be an open book, she’ll fail miserably at number three. Which is where the real crisis is.

  • Finally, today’s Two Minutes Hate comes to you from…Winn Schwartau

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