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Small Bits of Chaos

Ryan Singel reviews Robert O’Harrow’s new book, No Place To Hide. O’Harrow covered the CAPPS-II and other privacy stories for the Washington Post.

In the spirit of the story, I’ve left the little tracking bits from Ryan’s Amazon URL. If you’d like a less tracked version, click here, or type the title into Amazon.

There’s a new security scanner called “The Attack Toolkit.” It seems to be a Nessus replacement, not a Metasploit replacement.

Securityfocus has a long article on ITIL, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, which is a group of people bringing a lot of good thinking to IT operations and security.

SixApart, makers of the Movable Type software that powers this blog, are buying LiveJournal. My friend Jane said she thinks the merger makes me look cross-eyed. I hate her!!!!

Pete Lindstrom points to an article on risk in the Wall Street Journal on risk. (Subscriber-only, Lindstrom summarizes.)

Gizmodo reports that Bill Gates gets a blue screen onstage at CES. Can you imagine that happening to Steve Jobs?

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