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Choicepoint, March 20

  • Susan Kuchinskas writes “No Security in SSNs?” for Internetnews.

    Credit bureaus and information brokers will doubtless lobby Congress, saying changes to the rules will hurt their business. But Solove said their voices might not carry as much weight as they used to.

    “They had their chance. They weakened the legislation, and, as a result, more than 10 million citizens are victims of identity theft every year,” Solove said. “They got what they wanted, and it didn’t work.”

  • Right Justified wants to know if Choicepoint is building their fingerprint database when you go for a concealed carry permit.
  • The Wisconsin State Journal has a profile of Jay and Linday Foley, who run the ID Theft Resource Center.
  • CAR Report (computer assisted reporting) comments that journalists are going to lose easy access to social security numbers, saying “I rarely read or hear a story on this issue in which someone points out that access to SSNs makes it much easier for journalists to report on crime, corruption and mismanagement.”
  • Finally, today’s Two Minutes Hate comes to you from Plastic Noodle.

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