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Today's Choicepoint Roundup

  • The Privacy Rights Clearninghouse has an extensive sheet on what to do if you’re a victim of Choicepoint’s failure to secure data.
  • SoftReset calls for banning the use of SSNs for non-government purposes. I take a slightly more moderate view: Anyone using the SSN is already subject to GLB liability.
  • Random Thoughts on Politics comments that Choicepoint is really an end-run around controls on government monitoring of citizens.
  • The folks with
    the Google ad
    have sued Choicepoint in the past, over the FL drivers license thing. (That’s an interesting background link, even if you’re not in Florida.)

  • Richard Smith, a longtime privacy advocate and security bug finder, sends a note to the Web Application Security list, explaining that he’s found many problems with Choicepoint sites.
  • Coverage is getting broader, as Red Herring covers things. Which raises the question, who notified whom? Reuters claims that the authorities notified Choicepoint, while Choicepoint claims they notified the authorities. Let’s see…who has motive to lie?
  • The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that California is wondering why the notifications took so long. Was it not due to law enforcement requests?
  • Stefan Brands steps away from the noise and explains what identity providers should learn.

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  • Bank of America to draw heat from ChoicePoint

    ChoicePoint (Roundups from Adam: today, 25th, 24th) is to receive help from Bank of America, which has just revealed that “a small number of computer data tapes were lost during shipment to a backup data center. The missing tapes contained…

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