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Chaotic Thread

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5 comments on "Chaotic Thread"

  • Gavin says:

    Wondering how to optimise my life

  • Dan Weber says:

    How close are we to, not necessarily a space elevator, but laser launch, where a rocket gets a significant portion of its energy not from fuel it takes with it, but energy beamed to it via a terrestrial transmitter?

  • ax0n says:

    Professionally: Implementing something massive across 500+ servers by March 31, but with the entire month of December being a freeze. EEK.
    Personally: Trying to make some of my hackish, ugly shell scripts and tools user-friendly enough to share. Maybe I’ll write about them on Sunday. I’m totally working for the weekend right now!

  • PHB says:

    I am thinking that the politicians grandstanding against the trial of the Al Qaeda suspects are fools.
    Empirical evidence shows that treating terrorists as common criminals is far more effective than declaring a war against them. Deaths due to terrorism dropped 60-80% when the Labour government made this switch under the ‘criminalization’ policy.
    The terrorists themselves hated the switch so much that some of them starved themselves to death in protest at being called a common criminal.
    And throughout it all Rudy Giuliani, one of the self-proclaimed ‘terrorism experts’ was helping the IRA to raise funds for its bombs and bullets.
    We need to get away from the macho posturing style of terrorism response that is a proven failure and move to the West German model that was far more effective against the Baader-Meinhof gang.
    Of course the real reason for the discomfort at bringing the trials to the US is that there is going to be no escaping the torture evidence. A lot of evidence is going to have to be thrown out because it was contaminated. There will be no doubt afterward the the US used torture and that doing so made us less safe.

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