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"Protecting Society By Protecting Information"

Today, I’m at the National Institute of Justice’s National Conference on
Science, Technology, and the Law, and am participating in a
panel on “Balancing Information Sharing and Privacy.” I’ll present “Protecting
Society By Protecting Information: Reducing Crime by
Better Information Sharing
” (Or get the
powerpoint slides. I don’t
know why Powerpoint makes all the speaker notes that ugly orange.)

How to structure a privacy message so that cypherpunks look at me funny the audience doesn’t reject it out of hand is one of the things that I learned from working with Austin at Zero-Knowledge. (See next post.)

3 comments on ""Protecting Society By Protecting Information""

  • iain says:

    interesting deck. BTW-there’s a typo on Slide 7 (surveillance)
    Slide 18 (bad data from unknown sources) describes something cited in the Butler Report (Failures in UK Intelligence leading up to the Invasion of Iraq). Butler talks about how flawed decisions were made based on fundamentally incorrect data that had entered the ‘system’ unchecked, but because the data was in the ‘system’ it was assumed to be valid.
    Good luck today!

  • atlas says:

    Let us know how the presentation went over. I’ll be curious to know the reactions of those relying on aggregate data to the news that the aggregation isn’t always perfect…

  • Adam says:

    I accidentally uploaded the un-checked version (thankfully, I caught it before going onstage.)
    Things went very well, except we all ran out of time. I got a bunch of very nice feedback from some of the other presenters and the audience.
    I’ve apparently confused screen and no-fly lists, but didn’t get clarification on that.

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