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Nevada Gaming Commission vs. Diebold

It’s always good to see our best resources being applied to the most important things in society, like voting. The “independant” validation, paid for by the software creators, is closed to the public. But when the Nevada Gaming Commission gets into the act, it seems they know a scam when they see one. (Disclaimer: I voted in that Defcon study, but have no evidence my vote was counted.)

For more information, see the Black Box Voting book page, Avi Rubin’s site, or Rebecca Mercuri’s site. Dr. Mercuri was the first one I know of to start beating this drum, and we owe her a vote of thanks.

[Update: The story isn’t actually new. I’d heard Nevada was requiring audit trails, but hadn’t heard it was the NGC that was responsible until Randal Schwartz pointed it out to me. (I’d link to the message, but it hasn’t been through moderation yet.)]