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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-11

  • RT @daveaitel Tests Show Most Store Honey Isn't Honey << Will anyone go to jail for fraud? #
  • RT @jdp23 Look at the list of the FTC complaints — huge issues. And basically no consequnces to FB. So why should they change? #privchat #
  • RT @threatpost $56 Billion Later and Airport #Security Is Still Junk – – via @wired << a touching story! #
  • White House unveils cybersec strategy incl "Inducing Change", "Developing Science Foundations" (Could be New School-y) #
  • New White House cybersec strategy "Inducing Change", "Developing Science Foundations" seems fairly New School #
  • New blog " and listener privacy" #
  • "In Major Gaffe, Obama Forgets To Dumb It Down" #
  • This shows the success of our current "information sharing" "infrastructures": Data gathering for ssh attacks: #
  • MT @alexhutton I'll be on a webinar w/ @joshcorman in an 1/2 hour. It will only be fun if you join us #
  • RT @nickm_tor The key idea from our field that we need most to export to other system designers is not IMO anonymity but unlinkability. #
  • RT @alexhutton Best security/risk job description I've ever seen: << this link is dangerous! (Dangerously New School.) #
  • RT @_nomap Proud to announce that I'm officially a PhD. Now looking forward to new challenges! << Congratulations! #
  • RT @techdirt Breaking News: Feds Falsely Censor Popular Blog For Over A Year, Deny All Due Process, Hide All Details.. #
  • RT @marciahofmann Join me in fighting for the users! Become an @EFF member today and your donation will get a 4x match #
  • New blog: Outrage of the Day: Police Violence #
  • MT @josephmenn Very good books from many perspectives: Important 2011 Tech Policy & Law Books < Nothing new in infosec? #
  • For bloggers – "Conbis" is stealing New School & other blog content. Their "about us" is Lorum Ipsum. #
  • RT @ehasbrouck I'd rather pay for Twitter than pay w/wasted time, distracting features that earn them $, & have them monetize info about me #
  • New blog: "Threat Modeling & Risk Assessment" follows up on conversation with @451wendy #
  • Wow. IEEE won't even give me a citation without an account. Why do people let IEEE lock up their work? #

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