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Dave Eggers and the Pirate Store

By reading this post, you agree not to do anything to get the author or Dave Eggers in trouble, even if those actions that lead to trouble are entirely their own, and you’re just commenting on them, even in a sort of approving way that happens to continue the unfortunate chain of events that were set in motion long before you happened along.

Nat Friedman comments on Egger’s writing, which reminds me that in San Francisco, at 19th and Valencia, is the Pirate Store. The Pirate Store is a strange hack, which Eggers set up because he wanted to run a writers group. But the zoning laws in San Francisco were non-cooperative. So he rents a space, the front of which is a “pirate store.” It wasn’t clear to me how much of what was there was actually for sale. The lard was definitely for sale, but there were no convenient containers. In the back of his space is a library, with tables and chairs and such for his writing group.

Its an entertaining shame that to get the space he wanted, Eggers had to set up a fake store. Why can’t he use his space as he sees fit?

Please recall that the license on this post forbids you from getting Eggers in trouble for his virulent and shameless thoughtcrimes.

[Update: Linked to Pirate Store.]

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